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Classic RPG Spells

The Classic RPG Spells collection contains a selection of Sims 4 spells inspired by old school role playing games, with an emphasis on making them useful in-game in one way or another. All of these require Realm of Magic. Each spell may also require additional packs to enable the spell’s effects, which are listed below.

All spells require Realm of Magic to function at all (plus the Spellbook Injector V2). To use all of the full functionality of the spells, you may also need:

City Life
Cottage Living
Jungle Adventure

I’ve listed the packs required for each spell below, so you can skip the ones you don’t have packs for if you wish.

However, if you are missing some of the packs, some of the spells may still have partial functionality. For example, without Cottage Living, the Animal Friendship spell won’t be able to make friends with rabbits (since they don’t exist in your game), but you could still make friends with Dogs and Cats (assuming you have Pets).

If the Sages in the Magic Realm are generated or regenerated (they change over time) after these spells are installed in your game, the Sages will know these spells and can teach them to your Sims.

There are also custom Tomes available for each of the spells below. So, you can use the bb.showHiddenObjects console cheat to reveal the Tomes in build/buy mode and purchase them, so that any of your spellcasters can learn these spells.
Pro Tip: I often stock one of the in-game library venues with Tomes for convenience.


Animal Friendship
Neophyte-level Practical spell
To use, click on a rabbit, ‘Flock of Birds’ tree, chicken, cow, llama, fox, cat or dog and select the Animal Friendship spell under the Magic category. The animal will instantly become best friends with your Sim. It is up to you to maintain the relationship over time.
Packs Required: Realm of Magic, Cottage Living, Pets

Acolyte-Level Untamed Spell
To use, cast on yourself or another Sim. Bestows an Ancient Joy buff that is contagious to other Sims (as it is in Jungle Adventure). It’s an awesome party trick, since everyone ends up in a good mood for a few days.
Packs Required: Realm of Magic, Jungle Adventure

Detect Alignment
Neophyte-level Practical spell
To use, cast on yourself. Good sims will get a light colored aura, while sims with the Evil trait will get a dark colored aura (effects from City Living’s festival tuning).
Packs Required: Realm of Magic, City Living

Dispel Fear
Acolyte-level Practical spell
To use, cast on yourself or another Sim. Will immediately reduce fear and provide the Sim with a short term Brave buff.
Packs Required: Realm of Magic, Paranormal

Neophyte-Level Mischief Spell
To use, cast on another Sim. Their energy will be reduced immediately, and they will fall asleep until they recover.
Packs Required: Realm of Magic

Adept-Level Untamed Spell
To use, click on the ground, and you’ll see a spell come up under the Magic category named Summon Earthquake. It will trigger a major earthquake based on the Quake zone lot trait.

It’s a little more powerful than the lot trait, though, since it will not only panic sims on the current lot. It will cause all sims in the area to panic, so you can cast it somewhere like an outdoor festival.

NOTE: This is the first time I’ve released a mod with one of my own scripts, so do let me know if it doesn’t work for you. Don’t forget that it still requires the Spell Injector V2 as well.
Packs Required: Realm of Magic, City Living

Acolyte-Level Mischief Spell
To use, click on the front door of a residence before you knock on the door (your sim needs to be in the ‘ungreeted’ state) and you’ll see a spell come up under the Magic category named Knock. It will open the door and allow you to enter without being greeted, in a similar fashion to the Vampire ‘Always Welcome’ perk.

You can also open locked vaults. Click on the locked vault door (it needs to have been locked by some other household’s sim), and under the Magic submenu, you’ll see Knock. Select it, and you’re in.

Finally, Knock can disarm the traps in the temple in Selvadorada. Cast the spell directly on the trapped doorway to disarm the trap and get to the next area.

NOTE: If you are seen breaking into another Sims house or vault by another Sim, there is a large reputation loss. Obviously.
Packs Required: Realm of Magic, Get Famous (for vault), Jungle Adventure (for temple traps)

Lightning Strike
Adept-Level Untamed Spell
To use, click on an object that is capable of being struck by lightning (not all are) or a Sim, and select Lightning Strike from the Magic pie menu. A bolt of lightning will strike that object or sim a few moments later.

This has the same effect as ‘regular’ lightning (since it is, in fact, ‘regular’ Sims 4 lightning). It shouldn’t kill Sims, but it might set them up for disaster the next time they try to repair something. It will also short out electronic equipment, which is handy for those times when someone with a Singing skill of 1 takes a turn at Karaoke.
Packs Required: Realm of Magic, Seasons

Turn Undead
Master-Level Untamed Spell
To use, click on the active sim that you are playing, and select Turn Undead from the magic submenu. Vampires and Ghosts will leave the lot more or less immediately, and if it’s a Haunted House, the Serenity of the lot will increase.

NOTE: I’m experimenting with using one of the animations from seances for casting this one.
Packs Required: Realm of Magic, Vampires, Paranormal

To install, you will need to have the Spellbook Injector V2 installed.

1.0.0, 10/31/2021, Initial public release

Credits: Simsonian Library
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