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AutoSave for Sims4

Periodic backup for your game(s)
This mod allows periodic saving of your game without interrupting it.

Actual Release

  • Initial
  • 2015/08/20: Chinese translation (Tiger3018)
  • 2015/08/26: Brasilian translation (Jor)


  • Menu driven configuration:
  • Selection of the periodicity of your backup from every 15mn to once a day in SIM TIME backup name could be changed on the fly.
  • Number of backup cycle could be changed on the fly.
  • All changes are confirmed by messages on the wall messages.

Select any base game computer on any household and select AutoSave option in the menu.
Picks any of the submenu to customize your settings.

  • Backup name: define the new name of the backup session starting at the next iteration.
  • Status: display the actual status.
  • Periodicity: select your backup frequency in sim time.
  • Rotation: Define how many backup will be kept by the system.

Default value
name: autosave, periodicity: hourly, rentention:5

None detected

Additional credit
Tempest for his daily-save mod (defunct)
All the seniors modders for the help they provided.

Credits: sachamagne
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9 Responses

  1. Rose says:

    There is a v1, v1a, and v1b zip within the rar, which one do I use or do I copy over all 3?

  2. Tylar says:

    So I came to this page because the other one I found was outdated apparently. So I downloaded this, put all three versions into the mods folder and still the option won’t show up on the computer. I have both pkg and script mods turned on in-game. What else am I doing wrong?

  3. Sakkara says:

    I would love to play this game
    So fun

  4. Really says:

    Seriously… how hard would it be for these devs to put a single line of text describing which file to use??? Really? How hard would that be??? You take all the time make the mod, then you can’t take 5 seconds to write even the most vaguely intelligible sentence on which file to use.

  5. simmer says:

    It doesn’t work. The option doesn’t show in the computer. When you run sims the pop up shows that mods are loaded but in game there is no new menu as described.

  6. KindredWolf says:

    There are two files needed, the .package file and the .ts4script file. Pick the version among the three you need (sorry, I don’t have any information on which one does what). Unzip/decompress the version that works for your game… either 1, 1a, or 1b. All 3 versions use the same “.ts4script” file, which must be buried no more than a single folder deep in the “mods” folder of your sims game directory, and can not be compressed in a zip/tar/rar or other compressed format. Personally, I leave all the .ts4script files directly under the mods folder… no subfolder.

    However, as of the latest update on 11 October 2022 – this mod does not appear to be working.
    I am using “Windows 10 Home Single Language” edition, on a PC.

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