Universal Phone

Universal Phone

(CAS Unlock Updated to Snowy Escape)

The Universal Phone would provide you tons of services.
It is functional in the sim’s inventory as well.

Age Required: Todders and up, not for babies
Functional: In the world/ In the Inventory(suggested)
Tag: Electronics>Misc

Languages: English & Chinese

1)FeedMe App

The orders would deliver right away to the inventory.
Put the phone in the sim’s inventory, order foods whenever you want!

>Kate’s Cakes
>Next Door Restaurant
>Flash Bar(not for toddlers and children)
>KOI Cafe(GetTogether Required)
>City Yummy(CityLiving Required)
>Ice-Queen(SP03 Required)

2)Secret House

Unlock Career CAS
would unlock all the hidden CAS actually, except Nifty Knitting (use the “cas.unlockbytag SP17” to unlock the Knitting CAS).
This unlock need time to run, do not cancel the loading interaction before the success notification pop up, be patient, sims can do what they want while loading.
If no notification pop up, try again, it may conflict with some custom traits(mine as well)sometimes.
-Updated to EP10 Snowy Escape-

Age Down Service
Back to a younger life stage, Birthday Animation, 2days Energized buff, Teens could age down to children

Leave Me Alone
the sims will disappear for 1-4 hours to think about their lives and take good care of themself, all the bad moodlets would be removed when they come back.

Become a Firefighter
Change into firefighter uniform for 3hours

normal dice, get a number from 1 to 6

Exchange Whim Bucks with simoleons

Order Ambrosia ($4900)

3)DIY Trait Center

All the traits under this category are reward traits,
you can check the description in the sim’s trait profile.

Ideal Type & Orientation
+++20 New Orientations for sims+++
The orientations would give the sims a strong willingness to
talk to and make friends with the sims who have a specific trait.

Sims can have more than 1 orientation, no limitation.
Raise the desire to socialize with the sims who have the specific trait.
Increase the Friendship & Romance gain with the sims who have the specific trait
(Most of the Orientations will increase the relationship gain X2 faster, except the “Adore Evil” orientation, it will increase the relationship gain 4x faster.)
open to all ages, the parent who has orientation would like the kid who meets their preference more.

More details:
“Like food aficionado” —Glutton, Foodie
“Family Oriented”———- Family Oriented, children, toddler
“Adore Evil” —————— Evil, Mean
“Love Sweet Pie” ———– Cheerful, Childish
“Admire Materialism”—– Materialism, Snob
“Love Energized Souls”— Active, bro, outgoing

Example: Lily has the “Adore Perfectionists” orientation, she always wants to marry a guy who is a perfectionist.
One day she went to a bar and met a guy named Jax, she didn’t know Jax traits, but they could feel something different about each other.
Jax is a perfectionist and always feels lonely inside, Lily knows him and understands his pain and joy, they get along so well and had a wonderful time.
(The Orientations works very fine with the new sentiment system.)

Social Traits

Extemely sociable
Friendship increase 3x faster, Romance increase 1.5x faster
Friendship increase 1.75x faster
Make Friends Carefully
Friendship & Romance increase 50% slower!slower!slower!
Super Attractive
Romance increase 500% faster
Friendship & Romance Decrease 5x faster
(Touchy people are super sensitive, the trait won’t affect the increase, but once the outcome is negative, the decrease would be unpleasant.)
The “Make Friends Carefully” & “Touchy” trait can’t compatible with other social traits if you chose this trait other social traits would be removed autonomously.

Mood Disturbance

>7 New reward traits< >Disable the specific Emotion<
Sims won’t get the buff/moodlet about the specific emotion.
(These traits won’t remove the exited buff/moodlets.)

Calm Fine +10 Moodlet all the time
Diffidence No Confident Moodlets
Unhappy No Happy, energized, playful Moodlets, sleepy walk style
Unable to focus No focus Moodlets
Solemn No Playful Moodlets
Lack of Creativity No Creative Moodlets
Flirty Emotion Disabled


skill learning speed

High Intelligence 150% faster
Clever 50% faster
Not Clever 30% slower
Idiot 80% slower

Change Voice(DLCs Required)

>Grimreaper< >Ghost< >Servo(university)< >Alien(GTW)< >Mute(Seasons)<

4)Travel to(2 New Useful Rabbitholes)

>Fish by the lake<
Fishing skill gain, Mental Skill gain(Children)
come back with some fish

>look for collectible<
crystals, fossils, frogs, metals…
(if you have CityLiving DLC the sims may find some posters and festival items as well.)

More Rabbitholes would come in the future

5)Order Fresh…

Order Vegetable, fish, seeds

6)Herbalism Shop(DLC)

Purchase Herbalism Potions Excellent Quality

Purchase Insects All the insects for Herbalism

Purchase Herb Materials All the Herbs for Herbalism

7)Jungle Station(DLC)

  • Jungle Tour 8hours New Rabbithole, sims would open two treasure chests during the trip, all types of treasure chests are included, sims may get cursed if they open a bad chest.
  • Auction of Ancient Artifacts pay 500 to get 5 Unauthenticated Ancient Artifacts
  • Buy Exploration Supplies & Antidote make sure to take the phone with the sims if they are going to have an adventure

1)Download and unzip the file
2)Choose the Contents(name after DLCs) you want in the “Optional Contents” folder. Do not delete the core package file “ShuSanR_UniversalPhone”.
3)Put the whole “ShuSanR_UniversalPhone” folder in your Mods folder.

TS4 XML Extractor by Scumbumbo

Credits: ShuSanR
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