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Personal Dressers

This mod allows for individual ownership of dressers. Sims can be assigned to dressers, similar to beds, for use with my Get Dressed Autonomy mod (dresser version).

!Important! You must update Get Dressed Autonomy to V3

Once a dresser has been claimed, a sim will always go to their own dresser to autonomously change clothes rather than changing at a random dresser.

⦁ To claim a dresser simply select a sim, open the pie menu of the desired dresser, and click “Claim”.
⦁ To unclaim a dresser, you can either assign the sim to a different dresser, or sell the claimed dresser.

⦁ A dresser can only be assigned to a single sim. For example, partners or children sharing a bedroom will need to each have their own dresser.
⦁ There’s no “picker” style menu, simply a claim button on the pie menu.
⦁ Doesn’t affect anything unless used with Get Dressed Autonomy (dresser version)

⦁2022/3/24 – Changed package file names.

⦁ Tested with latest patch.
⦁ Overrides no base game resources and should be compatible with all other mods.

⦁ Simply injects a new super interaction (claim) onto dressers via Scumbumbo’s XML injector. The claim interaction is basically a clone of the interaction used for bed ownership.

Credits: Mokunoid
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