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Part-time Business Career

FILE UPDATE: I was just made aware that Mac adds harmless but unnecessary files to zip folders. I remade the folder from Windows so the new download file contains only what’s necessary for all users. Sorry about that!

I’m on a mission to make part-time versions of the game’s careers. Let me know if there are any you’d like to see; I’ll do those first! I’m also open to integrating, as much as possible, Sims 1-3 careers (e.g. I’m working on a third branch, Dancer, for my part-time Athlete career). Anyway, I hope you enjoy them!

Compatible with base game and EPs
Patch version

Salary range: §16/h to §375/h or §406/h
Work schedule: Shifts are all 4 hours long. They start in the morning and end early afternoon.
Tracks: (1) Part-time Manager (2) Part-time Investor

You have a flair for business, but you don’t care for the long, gruelling hours. Take on the same challenges in less time with a part-time business career!

Level 1: Mailroom Technician Manage communications, keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands, screen for explosive devices, and combat the forces of unsolicited advertising.
M T W T F – – [9am-1pm]
§16 /h = §64 /d
PTO: 0.2 days off / work day

Level 2: Office Assistant Without you, your colleagues would be late for everything, nothing would work, important documents would vanish, and no one would be caffeinated. It would be a disaster.
M T W T F – – [9am-1pm]
§20 /h = §80 /d
Charisma 2
PTO: 0.2

Level 3: Assistant to the Manager Help your manager do their job. You may turn out to be better at it than they are!
M T W T F – – [9am-1pm]
§23 /h = §92 /d
Logic 2
PTO: 0.2

Level 4: Assistant Manager Enjoy your assent to the ranks of management. Your employees are looking to you for direction!
M T W T F – – [9am-1pm]
§35 /h = §140 /d
Charisma 3
PTO: 0.25

Level 5: Regional Manager Manage your region’s employees, budget, and projects; make your region the best region it can be.
M T W T F – – [9am-1pm]
§53 /h = §212 /d
Charisma 4
PTO: 0.25

Level 6: Senior Manager You are responsible for your company’s most important teams and projects. Shine in this role and you will be guaranteed an impressive promotion!
M T W T F – – [9am-1pm]
§75 /h = §300 /d
Logic 4
PTO: 0.25

Track 1: Part-time Manager
Go from C-suite to business tycoon without sacrificing time for your family, friends, or hobbies.

Level 7: Vice-President As VP, you will ensure that daily operations are carried out according to plan. Hopefully, the plan is a good one.
M T W T F – – [10am-2pm]
§90 /h = §360 /d
Charisma 6, Logic 5
PTO: 0.3

Level 8: President You have spent your entire career carrying out others’ plans. Now, you are in charge of planning and strategizing.
M T W T F – – [10am-2pm]
§134 /h = §536 /d
Charisma 8, Logic 6
PTO: 0.31

Level 9: CEO You have the burdensome job of overseeing an entire company, and also golfing with fellow CEOs.
M T W T F – – [10am-2pm]
§201 /h = §804 /d
Charisma 10, Logic 8
PTO: 0.33

Level 10: Business Tycoon The sky is the limit: take over the world, for good or for evil.
M T – T F – – [10am-2pm]
§375 /h = §1500 /d
PTO: 0.33

Track 2: Part-time Investor
Work your way up the trader hierarchy, and you will gain the power to make any project or business idea a reality!

Level 7: Futures Trader Try to predict whether prices for certain goods will go up or down. If you get it right, you will stand to profit handsomely from your futures contracts.
M T W T F – – [8am-12pm]
§112 /h = §448 /d
Charisma 5, Logic 6
PTO: 0.3

Level 8: Hedge Fund Manager Rich Sims are relying on you to make their investments grow. Stay abreast of the latest market developments, and don’t get caught insider trading.
M T W T F – – [8am-12pm]
§145 /h = §580 /d
Charisma 6, Logic 8
PTO: 0.31

Level 9: Corporate Raider You basically control the stock market. Which companies will you let live or die?
M T W T F – – [8am-12pm]
§218 /h = §872 /d
Charisma 8, Logic 10
PTO: 0.33

Level 10: Angel Investor You have the power to help build any business you want, from local shops to cutting-edge tech start-ups.
M T – T F – – [8am-12pm]
§406 /h = §1624 /d
PTO: 0.33

Credits: Arialyx
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